Termite Inspection

If you are planning on buying a new home or commercial property, then you will want to first have it inspected by a qualified termite inspection service. The last thing you want is to make the purchase, move in, only to discover that the premises is riddled with destructive termites.

These insidious insects can be hard to spot without a trained eye. Termites are shy by nature and avoid light at all costs, often moving about totally unnoticed. Many people don’t realize they even have termites until major damage has already been done.

Don’t take the risk. Call in the professionals for commercial and residential termite inspection services. That Home Inspection Guy knows what to look for. Decades of experience in the industry has equipped us with a trained eye and a nose for sniffing out these covert little critters. So don’t delay and book an inspection with us today.

Our service areas include: Dayton, OH and the surrounding area (1 hour radius).

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Termite Inspection

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